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The Cohort Component of the ARIC study began in 1987, and each of the four ARIC field centers (Washington County, MD; Forsyth County, NC; Jackson, MS; and Minneapolis, MN) randomly selected and recruited a cohort sample of approximately 4,000 individuals aged 45-64 from a defined population in their community.  A total of 15,792 participants received an extensive examination, including medical, social, and demographic data.  These participants were re-examined every three years with the first screen (baseline) occurring in 1987-89, the second in 1990-92, the third in 1993-95, and the fourth exam was in 1996-98. In 2009, the NHLBI funded a fifth exam, which is currently being conducted.
The ARIC non-DNA analytes  ARIC non-DNA analytes XLS file file combines all non-DNA analytes listed in tables 1-5 in the ARIC case-control (case-cohort) data dictionary. This file is updated routinely to reflect that the new non-DNA analytes have been received at the Cordinating Center and processed.