Form CodeForm or DatabookVisit 1 FormVisit 1 Data BookVisit 2 FormVisit 2 Data BookVisit 3 FormVisit 3 Data BookVisit 4 FormVisit 4 Data BookVisit 5 / NCS FormVisit 5 / NCS CodebookVisit 6 / NCS FormVisit 6 / NCS CodebookVisit 7 / NCS FormVisit 7 / NCS Codebook
TICTelephone Interview for Cognitive Status Form and QxQ
SRTStage 2 and 3 Reports Tracking Form and QxQ
GTSOral Glucose Tolerance Screening Version B
PHEPhysical Examination
HPAHealth and Life Profile (Interpersonal Support Evaluation List and Lubben Social Network Scale)
ATFAlert Tracking Form & QxQ
DRDDementia Rating Interview - Deceased Participant - Form and QxQ
HEFHousehold Enumeration
AATAAA Technologist Data Collection Form & QxQ
DLRDLCO Reading Center Form
DRLDementia Rating Interview - Living Participant - Form and QxQ
MHXHealth/Medical History
PLAPPL Physical Activity AS1993.01
ECAEchocardiography Alerts Reporting Form
PLCPPL Clinic Interview
AQCAccess and Quality of Care Form & QxQ
LSRLung Sound Reviewer Form
HISHachinski Ischemic Scale Form and QxQ
HOMHome Interview (for occupation codes see Derive13 Dictionary)
PLPPPL Post-Clinic Interview
HPCHealth and Life Profile (Spielberger Trait Anger Scale)
REFReport and Referral
DLCDLCO Management Form & QxQ
NFHNeurologic Family History Form and QxQ
ICTInformed Consent Tracking (cumulative) and QxQ
REXRetinal Exam Form and QxQ
PROProcedure Completion Form & QxQ
RHXReproductive History
PEXPhysical Exam Form & QxQ
RVFRepeat Visit Form & QxQ
RPNRetinal Pathology Notification Form
CNFCognitive Function
INFInflammation Interview
RPAPhysical Activities/Respiratory Symptoms
SAESerious Adverse Event Form & QxQ
UPRUnified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale Form and QxQ
DTIDietary Intake
VENLaboratory (venipuncture and urine)
PWVPulse Wave Velocity / Ankle-Brachial Index Data Sheet Form & QxQ
PNEPhysical and Neurological Exam Form and QxQ
DHSDental History
MHQMedical History
SESSocioeconomic Status
RSERespiratory Symptoms Form & QxQ
MEFMRI Exclusion Form and QxQ
MRRMRI Report Referral Form
DSRDental Screening
AMHPersonal and Family Medical History
CIUContact Information Update Form & QxQ
MRVVascular MRI Report Referral Form
FHXFamily History
MPRMRI Procedure (Forsyth & Jackson only)
TSRTIA/Stroke Summary
OITObservation of Interviewing Techniques Checklist Form
NSSNSS Stage 2-3 Selection Form & QxQ
MQSMRI Vascular Lab Quality Scores Form
ESUESU Ensuring Speech Understanding
MSCMRI Screening (Forsyth & Jackson only)
SMFSubjective Memory Form & QxQ
ATMAlert Tracking - MRI - Form and QxQ
GTAOral Glucose Tolerance Administration
VITVitamin Survey
NTRNeurocognitive Test Repeat Form
MRTMRI Repeatability Tracking Form and QxQ
GTSOral Glucose Tolerance Screening Version A
HPBHealth and Life Profile (Maastricht Vital Exhaustion Questionnaire)
AAOAAA Over Reader Data Collection Form & QxQ
ALCAlcohol Use Form & QxQ
ANTAnthropometry and QxQ
BIOBiospecimen Collection Form & QxQ
CDIClinical Dementia Rating - Informant - Form and QxQ
CDPClinical Dementia Rating - Subject - Form and QxQ
CDSClinical Dementia Rating - Summary & QxQ
CESCES Depression Form & QxQ
ESSESS Epworth Sleepiness Scale
HHIHHI Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly
HNEHNE Self Reporting Hearing and Noise Exposure Form
MAEMinor Adverse Event Form & QxQ
MMEMini-Mental State Exam Form & QxQ
NCSNeurocognitive Summary Scores Form & QxQ
NHXNeurological History Form and QxQ
NPINeuropsychiatric Inventory Questionnaire Form and QxQ
PACPhysical Activity Form & QxQ
PAQPhysical Ability
PFXPhysical Function Form & QxQ
PHTPhantom Form & QxQ
PHXPersonal History & QxQ
PSAParticipant Safety Screen Form & QxQ
RARRAR Results and Alert Reporting Form
RTSRecruitment Tracking and Scheduling Form & QxQ
SBPSitting Blood Pressure & QxQ
TMWTMW Two Minute Walk Form
UPRUPR Unanticipated Problem Form
SIXSix Item Screener
DCFNCS Diagnostic Classification Form
SFEModified Version of SF-12v2 Health Survey
AUDAUD Audiology Assessment
MSRMedication Survey & QxQ