Form CodeForm or DatabookVisit 1 FormVisit 1 Data BookVisit 2 FormVisit 2 Data BookVisit 3 FormVisit 3 Data BookVisit 4 FormVisit 4 Data BookVisit 5 / NCS FormVisit 5 / NCS CodebookVisit 6 / NCS FormVisit 6 / NCS CodebookVisit 7 / NCS FormVisit 7 / NCS Codebook
AAOAAA Over Reader Data Collection Form & QxQ
AATAAA Technologist Data Collection Form & QxQ
AQCAccess and Quality of Care Form & QxQ
ALCAlcohol Use Form & QxQ
ATMAlert Tracking - MRI - Form and QxQ
ATFAlert Tracking Form & QxQ
ANTAnthropometry and QxQ
AUDAUD Audiology Assessment
BIOBiospecimen Collection Form & QxQ
CESCES Depression Form & QxQ
CDIClinical Dementia Rating - Informant - Form and QxQ
CDPClinical Dementia Rating - Subject - Form and QxQ
CDSClinical Dementia Rating - Summary & QxQ
CNFCognitive Function
CIUContact Information Update Form & QxQ
DRDDementia Rating Interview - Deceased Participant - Form and QxQ
DRLDementia Rating Interview - Living Participant - Form and QxQ
DHSDental History
DSRDental Screening
DTIDietary Intake
DLCDLCO Management Form & QxQ
DLRDLCO Reading Center Form
ECAEchocardiography Alerts Reporting Form
ESSESS Epworth Sleepiness Scale
ESUESU Ensuring Speech Understanding
FHXFamily History
HISHachinski Ischemic Scale Form and QxQ
HPAHealth and Life Profile (Interpersonal Support Evaluation List and Lubben Social Network Scale)
HPBHealth and Life Profile (Maastricht Vital Exhaustion Questionnaire)
HPCHealth and Life Profile (Spielberger Trait Anger Scale)
MHXHealth/Medical History
HHIHHI Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly
HNEHNE Self Reporting Hearing and Noise Exposure Form
HOMHome Interview (for occupation codes see Derive13 Dictionary)
HEFHousehold Enumeration
INFInflammation Interview
ICTInformed Consent Tracking (cumulative) and QxQ
VENLaboratory (venipuncture and urine)
LSRLung Sound Reviewer Form
MHQMedical History
MSRMedication Survey & QxQ
MMEMini-Mental State Exam Form & QxQ
MAEMinor Adverse Event Form & QxQ
SFEModified Version of SF-12v2 Health Survey
MEFMRI Exclusion Form and QxQ
MPRMRI Procedure (Forsyth & Jackson only)
MRTMRI Repeatability Tracking Form and QxQ
MRRMRI Report Referral Form
MSCMRI Screening (Forsyth & Jackson only)
MQSMRI Vascular Lab Quality Scores Form
DCFNCS Diagnostic Classification Form
NCSNeurocognitive Summary Scores Form & QxQ
NTRNeurocognitive Test Repeat Form
NFHNeurologic Family History Form and QxQ
NHXNeurological History Form and QxQ
NPINeuropsychiatric Inventory Questionnaire Form and QxQ
NSSNSS Stage 2-3 Selection Form & QxQ
OITObservation of Interviewing Techniques Checklist Form
GTAOral Glucose Tolerance Administration
GTSOral Glucose Tolerance Screening Version A
GTSOral Glucose Tolerance Screening Version B
PSAParticipant Safety Screen Form & QxQ
AMHPersonal and Family Medical History
PHXPersonal History & QxQ
PHTPhantom Form & QxQ
PAQPhysical Ability
RPAPhysical Activities/Respiratory Symptoms
PACPhysical Activity Form & QxQ
PNEPhysical and Neurological Exam Form and QxQ
PEXPhysical Exam Form & QxQ
PHEPhysical Examination
PFXPhysical Function Form & QxQ
PLCPPL Clinic Interview
PLAPPL Physical Activity AS1993.01
PLPPPL Post-Clinic Interview
PROProcedure Completion Form & QxQ
PWVPulse Wave Velocity / Ankle-Brachial Index Data Sheet Form & QxQ
RARRAR Results and Alert Reporting Form
RTSRecruitment Tracking and Scheduling Form & QxQ
RVFRepeat Visit Form & QxQ
REFReport and Referral
RHXReproductive History
RSERespiratory Symptoms Form & QxQ
REXRetinal Exam Form and QxQ
RPNRetinal Pathology Notification Form
SAESerious Adverse Event Form & QxQ
SBPSitting Blood Pressure & QxQ
SIXSix Item Screener
SESSocioeconomic Status
SRTStage 2 and 3 Reports Tracking Form and QxQ
SMFSubjective Memory Form & QxQ
TICTelephone Interview for Cognitive Status Form and QxQ
TSRTIA/Stroke Summary
TMWTMW Two Minute Walk Form
UPRUnified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale Form and QxQ
UPRUPR Unanticipated Problem Form
MRVVascular MRI Report Referral Form
VITVitamin Survey