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What to Expect in Visit 9

The ARIC: Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study is delighted to announce that clinic visits for ARIC participants will resume in June 2021.
After the suspension of in-person visits in 2020 due to COVID-19, study efforts shifted to phone calls to participants throughout the past year. As the ARIC team closes a successful phone-based Visit 8, we are excited about reconnecting with participants in person.
Visit 9 expands ARIC’s focus on heart and brain health, including:
A SPECT imaging machine
  • Brain and Heart Imaging tests, for those who are eligible and elect to participate in these important imaging studies.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring with a wearable device to measure blood sugar.
  • Balance and strength tests like the two-minute walk, grip strength test and chair stand.
  • A blood panel to look at lipids, triglycerides, kidney function and more.
ARIC staff will be contacting participants and proxies soon about Visit 9.
As always, thanks to our amazing ARIC participants, who will soon begin their 35th year in the study. We can’t wait to see you again!