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Working Groups

The goals of the ARIC Research Areas and Working Groups are to enhance collaboration and productivity without imposing a rigid structure. Researchers in an area decide on their own mechanisms for communication and collaboration. Some groups meet regularly in-person or by conference call as a formal workgroup while others work more organically organizing around papers and specific scientific goals. Where consortia are strong, the main activity may be at the trans-cohort consortium level (e.g. CHARGE workgroups) rather than specifically within ARIC.

  ARIC Research Areas and Working Groups

The downloadable table below provides a list of ARIC Research Areas, Area Leaders, and Other Members of these groups. The purpose of these Working Groups is to:

   * Introduce new members to an area, including what is being done and by whom

   * To define, derive, and update key variables in the topic area, working in collaboration with the Coordinating Center

   * Write ancillary studies (R01 grants are needed for original data collection and funding of lab tests)

   * Collaborate on manuscripts and coordinate across investigators and groups to increase scientific impact

   * Interface with external genetic and non-genetic consortia (e.g. CHARGE, TOPMed, ERFC, CKD-PC)

   * Efficiently guide investigators to avoid conflicts, duplication of efforts, and unnecessary meetings

   * Match limited resources to the capabilities of investigators and trainees

   * Share resources and potentially data analysis capacity

   * Foster a healthy culture of collaboration and help ensure credit follows work