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Manuscripts and Publications

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[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Religious Activity, Spiritual Well-Being and Patterns of DNA Methylation in HPA Axis Genes: Results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/ Study of Latinos (SOL) Cohort.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Repeatability of metabolic risk measures: Results from HCHS/SOL.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  A Repeated Measures Imputation Approach for Missing Accelerometer Data: HCHS/SOL Case Study.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Replication from HCHS/SOL of a BMI GWAS-hit in Brazilians .
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Replication look up of genetic associations with pulmonary traits for a study in the UK Biobank.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Replication of African Ancestry Associations from MVP and COGENT with Blood Pressure Phenotypes in Hispanics/Latinos.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Replication of Gene-Psychosocial Interaction Blood Pressure Loci among Hispanic/Latinos in HCHS/SOL.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Replication of Gene-Psychosocial Interaction Lipids Loci among Hispanic/Latinos in HCHS/SOL.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Replication of type 2 diabetes genome-wide association analysis identified using TOPMed imputation in Latinos: PAGE Study.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Reproducible research in the HCHS/SOL Genetic Analysis Center: a case study.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Reproductive period duration and cognitive function among postmenopausal Hispanic/Latina women in HCHS/SOL.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Residential segregation and diabetes.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Respiratory Disease, Air Pollution, and Inflammatory Biomarkers Among the SOL CASAS and SOL Youth Study Populations.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Rest-activity rhythm measures associated with cognition: results from HCHS/SOL.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Retention strategies, Response Rates, and Participant Satisfaction: Evidence from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) cohort..
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Rice Intake among U.S. Hispanics and Latinos: Associations with Cardiometabolic Risk Factors: Results from HCHS/SOL.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  The Risk and Protective factors of Latinx youth exposed to maternal trauma: HCHS/SOL, SCAS, and SOL Youth Study.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Risk Factors for Incident Chronic Kidney Disease in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL).
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Risk Factors for Sudden Cardiac Death in Hispanics in Southern California: Ventura PRESTO and HCHS/SOL.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Risk for asthma from atopy and occupation-related factors between Hispanic/Latino heritage groups: Results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL).
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  The role of educational quality on brain-behavior relationships in Hispanics/Latinos: Findings from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos Investigation of Cognitive Aging (SOL-INCA).
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  The role of ethnic discrimination and acculturative stress on diet quality for Hispanic/Latinos adults across diabetes status: Findings from the HCHS/SOL-Sociocultural Ancillary Study.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  The role of family environment in the relationship between parental experiences of early-life adversity and offspring cardiometabolic health in HCHS/SOL Youth.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  The Role of Lifestyle Factors in Health Disparities of Heart Failure: a Cross Cohort Collaboration.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  The role of marriage and sleep efficiency in cognitive decline: Results from HCHS/SOL .