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Navigating this page:
This page contains information geared towards the scientific community, investigators, and potential investigators. The tables list study protocols/manuals and data collection forms.
The “Manual” section is broken into Visit 1, Visit 2 and Visit 3 the documents can be accessed by selecting the PDF under the respective column.
For the “Forms” table, clicking on each title will link you to forms such as, QxQ questionnaires, Visit1/Visit2/Visit3 forms, and forms that are available in both Spanish and English. You can also access on the acronyms or “PDF” in the adjacent columns. The forms are further organized by type E.G. Administrative, Data Collection, or Annual Follow-up. You can filter these for these by selecting from the tabs directly below the “Forms” header.
For both sections, all documents can be accessed by clicking the title, or selecting the icon located under the “Visit –“column’s (PDF or DOC etc.).