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Manuscripts and Publications

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Fernandez-Rhodes LE.  0.  Demographic and sociocultural risk factors for adulthood weight gain in Hispanic/Latinos: results from the Hispanic Community Health Study / Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL).
Pankow JS.  0.  Generalization and fine mapping of previously identified insulin and glucose loci to multi-ethnic populations and Metabochip-wide analysis: The PAGE Study.
Wassel CL.  0.  Genetic association of kidney traits in African American, European, Hispanic, and Asian individuals using the MetaboChip array: Discovery and Fine Mapping in the PAGE Consortium.
Fernandez-Rhodes LE.  0.  MERGED WITH #281 - The association of anthropometry-related SNPs with age at menarche in the multi-ethnic cohorts of the Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) Consortium.
North KE.  0.  Merged with MS 184 - Generalization and fine mapping of previously identified loci for timing of reproductive traits to multi-ethnic populations: The PAGE Study.
Kocarnik J.  0.  Multi-ancestral generalization and Metabochip-wide association study of C-reactive protein in PAGE.
Franceschini N.  0.  PAGE - Discovery and fine mapping of blood pressure loci in Hispanic individuals using the MetaboChip array: The PAGE Study.
Yoneyama S.  0.  Sex heterogeneity assessment of variants identified through generalization and fine-mapping analysis of previously identified waist related trait loci in a Metabochip-wide analysis of multiple ancestry populations: The PAGE Study.