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Ancillary Studies
HCHS/SOL is a unique source of a well-characterized population. The study welcomes ancillary study proposals that collect new information and/or biological samples directly from participants of the ongoing parent study, that address new research questions. Please review the information provided here if interested in submitting a study proposal. The information presented below is intended for potential investigators. Ancillary studies are subset studies of HCHS/SOL with goals beyond the original study.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for an Ancillary Study, please contact one of our study PIs or email us at

Submissions require a form found at Collaborating with HCHS/SOL webpages and are accepted through the website portal. A website account is required prior to submission of Ancillary Study Proposal. Your sponsoring HCHS/SOL PI should review the entire process with you.