Case Report Form Design

We work with study investigators to develop questionnaires and interviews with the goal of high quality data collection, as well as ease of use. We then design data entry screens from the paper instruments that include data validation, automatic skip patterns, and calculations, as needed.

Our in-house Form Designing tool is capable of building complex and customizable forms from the paper instruments. Below are some of the form capabilities:

  • Enter data anywhere there’s an internet connection, on any browser, computer, or tablet.
  • Capture data in real time using validation to prevent errors.
  • Move faster, with fields that change or skip to other fields, in real-time, based on previous data that was just entered (this is also known as form-specific field dependencies).
  • Attach files to any form, such as PDFs of signed consent forms, images, or documents.
  • Calculate data in real-time, such as using a birthday to populate a study participant’s age.
  • Create forms that pull from a preset library (ex. medication dictionary).
  • For Randomized Clinical Trials, determine patient eligibility and perform complex algorithms to determine treatment assignment.
  • Capture data from external sources, like labs, reading centers, and electronic medical records, with automatic data cleansing and formatting.
  • Contain links to external websites, integrated reports or documents.