Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Our faculty and staff statisticians collaborate with investigators to prepare scientific presentations and manuscripts, undertake the appropriate statistical analyses and contribute to the writing of the manuscripts.

  • Faculty at the CSCC frequently serve as advisors for masters papers and on doctoral dissertation committees.  For biostatistics doctoral dissertations, this is typically to help provide access to and expertise on real-world data.  For doctoral students from other departments, it is more for guidance with statistical aspects of their dissertation.

  • The CSCC is an experienced provider of high quality, comprehensive reports on study safety and interim effectiveness for Data and Safety Monitoring Boards and other oversight groups. We have produced such reports for both NIH-funded studies conducted by the CSCC and industry-sponsored studies where DSMB reports are the sole need. We specialize in graphical presentation of study data based on state of the art ideas about human comprehension and scientific communication.
  • At the CSCC, important charts for regular study and clinic monitoring are implemented within views.  On a regular basis the data behind each chart is updated, so the chart automatically reflects the newest status.  By moving to online distribution of these charts, CSCC has not only reduced our dependence on paper, but has added a degree of interactivity and clarity to status reports that was previously unattainable.